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In Scotland we thrive on recognising people are individuals.  Everyone has their own tastes and styles and should be given every opportunity to incorporate their own personalities into their Wedding or Vow Renewal and, when their imagination runs out of steam, having an Independent Celebrant like myself, who is every bit as enthusiastic in helping them realise their vision, really helps. 

For everyone looking to plan their own themed wedding or unusual wedding here in Scotland the sky is the limit.  Personally, I love helping couples create their Handfasting Ceremonies, there is a magic and history attached to such a ceremony that can be simply sublime but I know that is not to everyones’ taste and, one of the biggest thrills I know is when I am collaborating with a couple to deliver a completely unique, one of a kind wedding.

Scotland has more than its share of gloriously unusual wedding venues.  From Stately Homes; Castles and Grand Halls through to Museums; Trains; Boats, Farms, Tipis and Marques in fields,  you name it, we have it and each one brings it’s own sense of atmosphere that will enhance the experience each couple wishes to have for their day.  

Each one of them would be perfect stage for creating what could probably be one of the most unique weddings. Ever!


How many of you have watched Whodunnits on TV, safe in the knowledge you can out sleuth  Miss Marple, Poirot or Sherlock Holmes?  

Admit it:  How many of you have spoken about “A Berm” in an atrocious French Accent a la Clouseau? 

How many of you enjoy watching “Gosford Park”? 

Let’s face it; we all have.  It’s Cluedo come to life, and it’s fun!


Real life Cluedo!

Now imagine you are in a position to actually be a part of a real life Whodunnit?

The incredible guys in the Glasgow based company Whodunnit Events will work with you to create a tailored event that will merge seamlessly with your day.  

Wedding ceremonies are, as a rule, at the start of the day however, imagine having a fantastic afternoon leading up to your ceremony with your guests being fully engaged in a couple of hours sleuthing?  

Added twist…

Instead of inviting your guests to attend your wedding celebration; how about inviting them to your engagement party? Or, if you are planning your Vow Renewal, how about inviting everyone to an anniversary party with a difference?

Keeping only a trusted few in on the joke – your Bridesmaids, Groomsmen – Yes, you can ‘Recycle’ them for your Vow Renewal – you can enjoy your day, knowing you are going to round it off with a show stopping finale:  Your Wedding/ Vow Renewal Ceremony!  

We will then embrace the joy of your day and the script I have created will be a true reflection of who you are.  Cue tears and laughter from everyone and let the rest of the day’s celebrations commence.

A day like this will generate a lifetime of memories; and a fantastic excuse to reprise the entire event for that Vow Renewal that you will already be planning for a few years down the line; once the honeymoon tan has faded.

The nature of Whodunnit events mean numbers are limited; the organisers at Whodunnit Events advise limiting the number of guests to 120 so this option would be absolutely perfect for an intimate celebration – and a fantastic excuse to avoid inviting all those long lost relatives nobody ever hears about until the moment an engagement is announced, when they automatically need to be put at the top of the guest list!  

For more information on booking your event contact Whodunnit Events at: https://www.whodunnitevents.co.uk